Is Kizomba Ruining The Social Dancing Culture

12 Mar 2018

With time, we have established many dance forms to portray our creativity. While some dance remained a cherished possession of a community, many others saw the light of the day and became popular. One such dance form that touched the heart of creative dancers is ‘Kizomba’. Originated in ‘Angola’ the dance is a renowned dancing form in the world. It is a dance form as well as a musical genre that boasts a strong fan following. The word in Angolan Language, Kimbundu means Party. It is primarily a style of Angola Dance & Angola Music.

Now if you haven’t heard of Kizomba but are a social dancer, you’ve been living under a rock. Kizomba has taken the country by fire, having been introduced in all major cities and even has its own festival.

Kizomba in India

The credit of introducing Kizomba in India goes to Kaytee Namgyal. A renowned Salsa instructor, Kayteehas introduced his own dancing style, named as ‘K-Style’. The dance style has a perfect blend of musicality& body movement. It is a form that believes in dancing with mind, body and soul. Kaytee has performed in a score of countries including Germany, China, USA, Dubai, Lebanon, Greece, Australia, Prague, France, Belgium, Turkey, Portugal, Kenya, Qatar, Lithuania, Egypt, Romania, Hong Kong, Kuwait, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand and more. He was the first one to present Kizomba dance in India in Mumbai. The dance form became viral and an instant hit among young dancer. The sensuality and slow-motion dance style made it a popular dancing form in many cities of India.

Is Kizomba ruining the social dancing culture?

You’ve heard this argument many times. Kizomba is ruining social dancing. Several people have complained about it and have started their own socials with only pure salsa music.

They believe that Kizomba is ruining the social culture of India. They believe that the highly sensual and intimate dance form is a potential threat to the social dancing culture in India.

Moreover, such people strongly state that because of the low entry barrier and skills required to learn this dance, more and more unskilled and sleazy crowd is entering into a social dancing arena. 

While many people stand against this form of dancing, there are dancers and associated members of the dance fraternity that talk about the advantages of this dance form. They believe that with cities being adaptive and welcoming modern dance forms like bachata, Kizomba, Zouk, there are always a set of people who stand against the crowd. The naysayers of Kizomba suggests that Salsa only socials must be organized and foster, which isn’t a very wise idea. 

So is it ruining the social dancing culture? Yes, and No.

Kizomba may be easier to get started with compared to salsa and therefore people find it much easier to get started with. This does sometimes results in attracting people who are there for (for the lack of a better term) physical stimulation. But these people generally get weeded out during classes and will end up not finding any partners(or rather repeat ones).

As for intimacy, can we all please grow up, already?

I won’t argue there’s nothing sexy about it… or start a debate about the difference between sensual and sexual. Because it has been done to death and because the whole idea of branding dance forms is stupid.

If Kizomba appears to you to  be a sexy, maybe even sexual dance form(whatever that means) don’t dance it. You have a right to your opinion and act on that basis.

However if two consenting adults dance it for whatever their reasons, you have absolutely no right to judge them

If you don’t like kizomba, don’t dance it. Simple. Personally, I am not a big fan, but I donot go around judging people who do.

The real reason most people don’t like it is because they don’t know how to monetize it. They started Salsa classes and suddenly there’s so many people who want to learn kizomba and they think: It must because of Kizomba that they can’t get students. What they don’t realize is that the number of schools has also gone up. Kizomba isn’t ruining your revenue, competition is.

So to answer whether kizomba is ruining Social Dancing Culture? Well, did Salsa ruin the ballroom culture? Did bachata ruin salsa culture? Did foreign dance forms ruin Indian culture?

The answer is No. Cultures evolve by adapting other ones and the only thing that ruins it is misbehaviour and misinterpretation


  1. Since many people have misinterpreted the article, we would like to clarify the article is saying that its not ruining the dance culture. We have added the conclusion “The answer is No.” to clarify what our stand is since it doesn’t seem to have been easy to infer for most people despite our inline disputing all the arguments against kizomba.
  2. Some people have pointed out that our not  differentiating between sensual and sexual when referring to kizomba may be interpreted as our branding kizomba as sexual. Here’s what the article was saying:
    If you find kizomba sexual, that’s your problem. Other people can dance any dance form, including kizomba however they please and for whatever reason. As long as they’re not forcing anything on other people, its perfectly fine.
    The reason we don’t go into the debate is because branding anything as sexual or sensual is stupid. Something is sexual when it is interpreted as so and there is nothing wrong with something being sexual either. Waltz was once considered scandalous when it was introduced.
    The point is people’s interpretation of sexuality and sensuality is ever changing.