Skip The Night Club And Try A Salsa Social

Night clubs are fun and a great way to get wasted and dance crazy. We love night clubs, they’re certainly associated with any city or areas coming to age as an urban landscape. However, night clubs have their own problems, especially in countries like India.

For one thing, if you’re a woman, there’ll be countless shady men hitting on you every second. It can be hard to get breathing space in the environment.

Not to mention, there isn’t actually much to do here apart from drinking and dancing awkwardly.

If you’re a man, well good luck. Chances are you won’t even get into the party without having a women with you and if you do, you’ll have to pay exorbitant charges

If you’re there to socialize, you may be out of luck too

Salsa Parties: The better way

A very popular form of dance, Salsa was originated in South America and New York. You might have seen popular dance shows or celebrities dancing salsa to some melodious tunes. But what was once far of reach is now a very efficiently available option. You can learn Salsa at a reputed dance school and enjoy this energetic dance form. The rising interest of people in Salsa promoted the idea of Salsa parties and today, there are many amazing Salsa Parties helps all across the world including your town. If you have never attended one such party or wish to know how Salsa parties are better than your regular Disco parties, here are a few reasons:

Salsa offers you great health:

Salsa is an energetic form of dancing and thus helps you in maintaining good health. Salsa parties allow you a chance to join a team or dance with a few professionals and learn as well as enjoy. A one hour active Salsa party can help you put your abs, hips and legs in great shape. So, while you have fun at a Salsa party you also get to burn calories and tone your muscles.

A chance to meet new people:

Unlike most of the dance forms, Salsa is best enjoyed socially. A Salsa party means dancing with scores of people of different sexes, caste, creeds but common in Salsa Love. You can take your date along and enjoy a great time amid like-minded people. You can break your routine and meet new people who share common interests with you.

Feel sexy while you dance on the music:

If you have started thinking that Salsa has no contribution of sensuality, you are mistaken. Salsa is one of the most sensual dance in history and Salsa parties are equally awesome. You get to explore the sensual side of your personality and enjoy a great time with your love partners. If you are single, you also meet a lot of eligible partners with common interests. Unlike, disco parties where you are too drunk to appraise the compatibility between you and a prospect.

You do not need a company:

Yes, it is a dance to enjoy as a couple but that does not restrict you from going alone. Like we said before, you can find a great Salsa dancer & lover at such Salsa Parties and enjoy the night. We are sure you do not dare to enter a nightclub alone, especially for a nighttime party.

You enjoy sane:

The boozing culture has completely destroyed partying. You have to get drunk as it is the only happening thing around and almost everyone is doing it. Even if you do not enjoy it, you have top booze under peer pressure or to maintain your status quo. Whereas, in Salsa parties get high by dancing. You have more fun, that too with a sane mind.


Salsa parties promote physical touching but in a healthy manner, wherein, two partner hold each other to perform some of the most excellent moves. There is no safety quotient when you are at a disco party, especially for girls.

Hope these reasons give you a fair idea why Salsa Parties are great. So, what are you waiting for, search for the next Salsa party around you and enjoy this sensual dance form.