Hot Latin Thursdays: Salsa Social in Kolkata

9 Jul 01:30 PM


Happens Every week on thursday
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235/1 AJC BOSE ROAD, KOLKATA 700020, 700020 Kolkata, India

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Hot Latin Thursdays Salsa Social in Chennai

Have a blast with the beautiful Sahiba Sawhney in Kolkata. Was an absolute pleasure having her around to teach, party, dance and have fun with the Salseros of Kolkata.
With Kolkata Salsa Weekend now not too far away, things are getting more and more exciting!

If u are wondering what is KSW?
Kolkata Salsa Weekend, a three-day event that aims to bring Latin dance to the city, with people from all over the world coming to teach and participate.
Brought to you by Hot Latin Thursday, Kolkata & The Salsawala.
The theme this week is to wear the KSW COLORS!
What are the KSW Colors?
Purple, Blue & Orange!

So whats the plan:
22nd March 2018
7pm onwards
730pm Workshop: Kizomba Basics Class!
8pm onwards: Dance the night away in ur KSW Colors!

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