Afro Latin Social night: Salsa Social in Mumbai

18 Jul 01:36 PM


Happens Every week on thursday
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Afro Latin Social night Salsa Social in Chennai

To dance is to be out of yourself. Larger, more beautiful, more powerful.

 This is power, it is glory on earth and it is yours for the taking.

Every Thursday

 Bandra (w), Mumbai

From 9.30 pm to 1.00 am

 9.30 pm to 10.30 pm: Bachata Fusion Workshop by Soorush (Sweden)
 (early bird INR 600/- for a workshop.)
 (on gate INR 700/- for a workshop.)

Note: This workshop is for Intermediate level, at least six months of experience needed...

10.30pm: Floor will be open for Social Dancing
 Entry Free
Dress Code: Strictly Party Wear.

If you want to experience good Afro and Latin music then this is the party you should attend.

Music:   Salsa / Bachata / Kizomba

Venue:  Flux,
 4th Floor, Geetaneel Arcade,
 next to Elco market
 hill road, Bandra (w), Mumbai

About: Sorush León Alikhani

 Crazy Lion & Let’s Play Bachata :
Sorush He is a versatile dancer who started dancing the Bachata & Salsa in 2015. The passion and flavour of Bachata, mainly Bachata Sensual grew with inspirations by the creators Korke & Judith. Later on, He has also achieved the official Bachata Sensual Teacher certification by Korke & Judith in 2019 to deepen my foundations in Sensual.
As his passion grew for Bachata, it also grew in the era of Bachata remixes with songs influenced by Reggeaton, Hip Hop and many more styles! 

As Bachata Fusion became a popular style so grew my interest in expressing his dance style in other ways then Sensual and from there the style ”Let’s Play Bachata” was founded!
What makes ”Let’s Play Bachata” different from other styles is that we focus on the element of having fun. Where Bachata Sensual is a very technical dance and Bachata Dominican is more fast-paced, Let’s Play Bachata is focused on easy social moves that work for any level of dancers.
Among his teaching experience He has been blessed to share his passion and teaching all over the world including Japan/Tokyo, Vietnam/Hanoi, USA/Los Angeles and New York, Russia/Moscow, Israel/Tel Aviv and all over Europe in Spain, Belgium, Baltics, all over Scandinavia (Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland) just to name a few countries.
Except for his teaching career, he is also worldwide known for ”Crazy Lion Productions”, videographer of Latin Dance Events with Bachata/Salsa/Kizomba videos shared and viewed all over the world with over 50 000 followers on Youtube and 20 000+ followers on Instagram!
On top of that, he organizes Scandinavia’s biggest Bachata & Kizomba Festival in Sweden with over 600+ attendees every year!  

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