Singapore Bachata Jack & Jill League: Salsa Social in Singapore

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Happens Every week on saturday
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Singapore Bachata Jack & Jill League Salsa Social in Chennai

En Motion would like to thank all Singapore Street Latin dancers for helping us to build a strong Bachata community. Being the pioneer school to bring Bachata to Singapore, we are excited to roll out the ONE & ONLY Singapore Bachata Jack & Jill League.

Date: Every first Saturday of the Month

6th April – 4th May – 1st June – 6th July – 3rd Aug – 7th Sep – 12th Oct* (2nd Sat) – 2nd Nov – 7th Dec

Grand Final Date: 16th Jan 2020 (during Singapore International Latin Festival 2020)

Venue: Singtel Recreation Club (SRC), Comcenter, 31 Exeter Rd, Basement 2 S239732

Entry Fee: $10/competition
Entry fee will confirm your placement on a first-come-first-served basis. Fees are strictly non-transferable and non-refundable.

Click here to register for 6th April 2019 (first competition):


What is a Jack & Jill Competition?

Jack & Jill Competitions are designed to showcase a dancer’s skills in spontaneous social dancing and improvisation, as well as to highlight their ability to dance well with a variety of partners. Leaders and followers enter the competition individually and are randomly matched to dance to music pre-selected by the DJs.

Preliminaries – Each dancer will be judged individually as a leader/follower

Finals – Dancers will be judged and scored as a couple

Judging Criteria
•    Timing & Musicality
•    Technique
•    Team Work
•    Lead and Follow Connection

Judging panel will be made up by Director level instructors from respectable Dance institutions &/or renowned Dance Artistes.


Points Allocated Guidelines
There are a total of ten (10) Jack and Jill Competitions, one per month; Points will only be recorded for those who danced in the final round every month. Dancing in finals does not guarantee that a Competitor will be awarded points.

Point Tiers
– Tiers are defined by the number of Competitors (see Tier size below).The greater the number of Competitors within a division, the higher the Tier, and the greater the points potential. The Points Award chart lists the points awarded to a Competitor according to their placement in the finals.

– There must be a minimum of five (5) leaders and five (5) followers to be eligible for inclusion in the Points Registry.

– Each participant may only join one category.

– Male participants may only join as leaders; Female participants may only join as followers.

– Points awarded to leaders and followers may not be identical since the points are based on the Tier level. Each role (leader or follower) within a contest may have a different number of Competitors and thus be in a different tier.


Awards and Prizes

In each month’s FINAL, the winning couple will walk away with cash prize of $100.

Only the league’s top 25 leaders and 25 followers with the highest points are eligible to participate in the GRAND FINAL on 16th January 2020 during Singapore International Latin Festival.

If there are any withdrawals, then the candidate with the next highest point will be invited to join.

The winning couple of the GRAND FINAL will walk away with cash prize of $200.

The Bachata League top leader and follower with the highest point will be crowned as the Singapore Bachata Jack & Jill League Champions at Singapore International Latin Festival 2020. They will each walk away with cash prize of S$500 plus a Champion Trophy!

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